Release Date 26/09/2014
Cast & Crew

Loukyam Review: Simple Comedy 

Story:The film starts off in Warangal, where the local don Babji’s (Sampath Raj) sister is kidnapped on the day of her wedding by Venky or Venkateswarulu(Gopichand). The hunt for Venky begins and the story then shifts to Hyderabad. Here, Venky meets pretty Chandrakala (Rakul Preet Singh) who is a nightmare of sorts in her college.

Venky loses his heart the moment he sets his eyes on her and woos her till she falls for him. By then, Venky finds out that she is the sister of dreaded Satya (Rahul Dev). Meanwhile, Babji comes to Hyderabad searching for his sister and it turns out that Chandrakala is also his younger sister. From here, the story shifts back to Warangal and tracks how Venky wins over Babji and gets Chandrakala.

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