Release Date 15/01/2013
Cast & Crew
Cast- Sharwanand, Priya Anand, Srihari, Thagubothu Ramesh
Music Director - Shakti Kanth Karthik
Cinematography – Rakesh, Naveen
Director - Anish Kuruvilla
Producer - Sharwanand 
Story -
Sharwanand &  Priya Anand’s Ko Ante Koti Telugu movie- Sharwanand is the producer of the film is releasing it himself in AP. Anish Kurivilla has directed Ko Ante Koti. It is a crime drama. Sharwanand, Priya Anand is playing the leading roles. Srihari will be seen in a fullfledged outstanding role. Sharwanand has done some interesting films in the past like Gamyam, Prasthanam. He is now come up with his own production Ko Ante Koti.  
Maya Master (Sri Hari) is a small thief, who is not a hundred percent of doing robberies. He decides to attempt a mega robbery. Later he wants to retire with the money.  He plans grand.  At that time Maya Master needs an efficient team to push it off. Srihari and Vamsi (Sharwanand) meets in jail and a planning for a great robbery. Two more characters, Chitti and bujji enters. Here Priya Anand appears as Satya. Thagubothu Ramesh comes up with wonderful comedy. Srihari pick Sharwnand and two other guys to execute the robbery. All of them form a team and started for the robbery. They take every precaution necessary and successfully execute the robbery. When everything is going smooth one twist happens from key player of the team. Who is he? What exactly the twist is? Rest of the story find on Big Screen.
Analysis -
Ko Ante Koti, which has an interesting story. It is some kind of film. It gives complete positive sense. The entire first half lacks focus and narration is unclear. The Weak first half is major drawback of the film. The whole movie is about a robbery. Thagubothu Ramesh hits the screens and comedy starts in the seriously running film. Second half started with Sarvanand, Srihari and team started for the robbery. Film is slowly travelling towards the climax twists.
Performances -
Srihari is definitely the major highlight of the movie. He suits his role perfectly.  Sharwanand once again proves what a talented actor he is. He is very good in intense scenes and also shares decent chemistry with Priya Anand. The twists and the suspense elements are good to watch.  Priya Anand looks charming. She had done a good job. The whole movie has a realistic feel. Thagubothu Ramesh character is good. He justice to his character.
Technicalities -
Anish Kuruvilla’s direction is not up to the mark. Rakesh, Naveen’s cinematography is simply superb. Shakti Kanth Karthik’s Music is pretty good. Screen play is just ok.  Excitement factor required for thriller is missing. Lack of clarity in characterizations. Editing is just ok. Production values are good.

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